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Ordinance handling procedure

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Enactment, revision and abolition of ordinance

The ordinance is kind of law which the local government legislates by voting of the local council. Jangheung county ordinance is the law in Jangheung county. Whenever the council or government makes rules or items which curtail or put residents' right and duty, or help their lives, there must be commission of the law. The local government can decide the fine under 10million won for violation.

Enacting Procedures

  • Submission : More than 1/5 of registered members' or the local head's joint signature.
  • Voting : Majority attending of registered members and majority agreement of attending members.
  • Transfer : Within 5 days from the voting day, to the local head or education chief.
  • Proclamation : Within 20 days, the local head or education chief proclaims.
It becomes effective within 20 days after proclamation.

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